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I’m Sarah Whiton, and I empower women to start living their fullest life by connecting with the power that lies within them. I am here to spread a message that all bodies are good bodies, and shake up the belief that your appearance defines who you are. Now is the time to break free, change your thoughts, overcome obstacles, love yourself, and start fully experiencing your life! Begin to Embody true health by letting go of diet mentality, restrictions, and grueling exercise and tuning in, listening to, trusting and appreciating your body; Shine with inner beauty, by learning to love yourself for everything that you are, and by building a foundation of unwavering self-acceptance; and Discover happiness as a state of mind, completely free from circumstances, and illuminating from within.

Join me as I share inspirational posts, thought provoking questions, personal experiences, and positive affirmations aimed at helping you discover what lies within.

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Today, Beautiful Readers, is National Love Your Body Day!

If you’re guessing that I’m pretty excited, YOU’RE RIGHT! ♥

This campaign, organized by the National Organization for Women Foundation, is about disempowering societal beauty standards by celebrating everything that makes you, and your body, unique and beautiful!

“Every day, in so many ways, the beauty industry (and the media in general) tell women and girls that being admired, envied, and desired based on their looks is a primary function of true womanhood. The beauty template women are expected to follow is extremely narrow, unrealistic and frequently hazardous to their health.” -NOWF

The world today tries to tell us that we are what we look like – or even worse, we are what we eat. And the danger in that is that we have started to believe it. We have started to let our bodies be the determinate of our happiness, success, value, and potential in life. The measures one has to take to achieve these unrealistic standards destroys self-esteem, self-acceptance, and more often than not, happiness as well.

It’s up to us to change those standards and to challenge societal beliefs for ourselves, and even more importantly for our daughters and generations to come.

– 40-60% of elementary school girls are concerned with their weight or becoming “too fat.”*
– 46% of 9-11 year old girls are “sometimes” or “very often” on diets.*
– At the age of 13, 53% of American girls are “unhappy with their bodies”, this number jumps to 78% by the time girls reach age 17.*

Here’s the thing, until we all actively work to change those standards within ourselves, we are never going to see change in the culture around us. It starts with YOU, it starts with ME, it starts with US.

Every time you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you aren’t enough because you are “too ____________”, you give those standards truth. Every time you buy into another diet, another lifestyle-fad, another cleanse, detox, or miracle supplement for weight-loss, you are feeding those norms. Every time you value yourself, your happiness, and your success by the way you look, you give your power away to society. And every time you make an assumption about another human being based on what they look like, you become part of the pressure.

The way I see it, you can either break yourself down to fit into the design that has been laid out for us, or you can build yourself up, stand apart, and celebrate your individuality. (If you ever knew me in teen years, you already know where I stand – my inner rebel-for-individuality is standing SO freakin’ tall right now!)

There is no better day than today to start making changes!Be the ChangeYou Wish to See in the World

Here are 5 Ways You Can Help Create Change in Societal Beauty Standards:

1. Change the Conversation:
Have no tolerance for fat shaming or body bashing in yourself or from others. Take the initiative to change the conversation to a more positive perspective or a different topic all together.

2. Respect and Honor Wholeness:
The shape of your body, the color of your skin, or the size of your thighs has no bearing on your value, your strengths, or you importance in this world – and the same goes for every other individual on this planet. Always remember that within every body is a PERSON, who has life experiences, values, knowledge, and perceptions of this world. The physical body is only one portion of a WHOLE individual.

3. Stop Dieiting:
Diets don’t work. They leave you in a worse place than you started in regards to self-esteem, self-acceptance, body-connectedness, self-trust, and metabolism. They feed unhealthy behaviors, disordered eating, and shame… and in top of it all, they send the message that all of those things are okay.

4. Watch Your Words:
Pay attention to the words you use to describe or acknowledge yourself and others. Rather than complimenting someone on their great looking body, their hairstyle, or their clothes, try complimenting them on their genuine smile, their kindness, their patience, or their great sense of humor. Rather than telling your daughter, sister, niece that she looks beautiful, tell her that she acts beautiful, that she has a beautiful soul.

5. Change Starts With(in) You:
All of these changes will have little bearing if you are unable to also make them for yourself. Work to find your own self-acceptance and self-love and let it radiate into the world. Treat your body, mind, and soul with kindness and respect: use kind words and thoughts towards yourself, forgive yourself, practice body-kindness, do what brings you joy, seek fulfillment in everything you do, and celebrate everything you can.

Want to talk more about what holds you back from self-acceptance, and how you finally discover body positivity and self-love in your life? Get in touch HERE!

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Happy Love Your Body Day, Happy Celebrate You Day,
Today, and Everyday!


*NOW Foundation – Get the Facts


Its been in the past few years that I’ve become anti-diet convert.

… and trust me, I am never going back.

When I finally reached burnout, I had been dieting so long, I didn’t know how to NOT restrict my food. In my mind, food was either good for you or bad for you, healthy or not healthy, and eating the latter of either of those categories left me feeling shameful, judgmental, guilty, and like a failure. Giving in to cravings, or deviating from anything but a perfect diet meant starting over the next day; back on the wagon, clean state, get under control.

Diet, food, and weight loss was how I knew if I was succeeding in life or not.

It just sounds so exhausting… doesn’t it? Counting calories, counting carbs, weighing food, tracking macros, beating yourself up over a number on the scale, keeping records of measurements, diet rules, forbidden foods, wasting energy on guilt, constantly thinking about food could be earned or burned through exercise, and living with fear of gaining weight…

All for what?

Happiness? Health? To feel good about yourself?

Umm… do any of those behaviors sound like ways to feel happy, be healthy, and build self-acceptance and love?!

I’m going to let you in on what I’ve discovered actually DOES build happiness, health, self-acceptance, love and an all-around awesome life:


You wanna be happy? Work on being happy. Face and let go of anything that is it keeping it from you.

You wanna be healthy? Start treating your body with some love and respect, and stop starving it and working it to death already!

You wanna feel good about yourself? Prove it. Your words, your thoughts, and your actions are opportunities to just that every day.

When I stopped putting all my potential for happiness, health, and self-love in image, I discovered the path for truly discovering those things. When I stopped wasting my thoughts, time, money, and energy on dieting, and striving for some outrageous standard for health and beauty, I could focus on what I wanted my life to really be about:
Empowering others, using my gifts, celebrating everything, giving love, listening, laughing, smiling, exploring, creating, and sharing!

Dieting didn’t just restrict my food, my image, my value… it restricted my potential, and my life.

Pursue what makes you happy, do what makes you feel vibrant, and learn to celebrate everything that you are…

You deserve to live this life to it’s fullest.


P.S. The road to diet-free living is a process, just like making any other change in your life. If you’d like to learn more about how hiring a coach can help you make big changes in your life, get in touch HERE.




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I send out these emails for two reasons:

  1. Because I love you. ♥
  2. Because journaling can be an extremely powerful tool in the coaching process. And if you don’t happen to have a coach (such as me!) in your life right now, journaling is absolutely, in my opinion, the next best thing.

Just like everything else in life, when it comes to journaling you get what you put into it.

So if you want to have those amazing “Ah Ha!” moments, be a great coach to yourself, and find amazing power in the pages of your journal, you’ve gotta get focused, get centered, get introspective, and get ready to work.

Here are five steps you can take to get the most out of your journaling experience:
  1. Get a Journal.
    If you don’t already own a journal, get one. Dedicate these pages and space for yourself to write, remember, reflect, draw, and work. These pages are the book of your life, so invest in something you love, something you find beautiful, something you can enjoy, and something you will covet. My little red journal is one of my most prized possessions.
  2. Get Comfortable.
    Find a peaceful space and time that you can write, free from distractions. This is YOU time, make some coffee or tea, curl up in your favorite chair or sunny spot, and enjoy!
  3. Get Centered.
    Centering is how I begin every coaching session with my clients. Take a few deep breaths, let go of the distractions of the day, quiet your monkey mind, and forget your to-do list. Maybe you’d even like to meditate for a while to find the peace and stillness that is this present moment. Be still, be focused, be here and now.
  4. Get Free.
    This is the most important step if you want to have powerful moments of insight and clarity. Journaling works when you allow yourself to be completely unedited. Write FREELY. Don’t think too much, or worry about what someone else might think if they read it, just allow whatever it is to pour out of you and onto the page. This is a judgement free space for you to work. Know that no matter what spills out of you, there is nothing good or bad about any of it. Let this be a process, sometimes you have to write for a while before you can shed away the layers and get to the heart of the matter. Just like with coaching, sometimes you must work many layers to find what it is your heart and intuition have to say. (P.S. they have ALL the answers!)
  5. Get Creative.
    It’s ok if you aren’t feeling super word-y, the possibilities of the page are endless: draw, doodle, color, brain storm, day dream, cut and paste in photos, or copy down favorite quotes. Your journal is YOUR space to be expressive!

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Have a free-flowing week, and journal happy!


Last week I gave a presentation for a networking event. It challenged me in a million different ways, and it was great.

Was it perfectly executed? Nope. Exactly what I had planned and practiced? Nope. Did I get my point across and fulfill my intention? Yes.
Did it give me the push (shove) out of my comfort zone that I needed? YES, and that’s the great part.

Public speaking is not something that scares me. As a trained musician, this is one area where my performance degree has been put to good use. I can fake it ‘till I make it on stage, in front of a crowd, with little holding me back. But talking about my business on stage; this creative and meaningful project that I’ve embarked on, talking about my reason for doing it, and why I feel passionate about my words, means showing an immense amount vulnerability. Letting the confident exterior I build up ‘faking it’ on stage fall away, being real, telling the truth of my story, that is scary.

I told this group of people about my own weight loss story. I told the truth about the thoughts, beliefs, and struggles I had when I was in a bigger body than I am now. I told the truth about how even after I had lost over 70lbs, it still wasn’t enough – I wasn’t enough. Even when I had lost the weight, I still had all the same thoughts, beliefs, and struggles – they were just in a smaller body. I told the truth behind transformation photos, why happiness can’t be found in a “better body”, and why to truly love and accept yourself, you have to work from the inside out, because if you can’t accept who you are on the inside, you will never accept who you are on the outside.

You will never be enough, until you see that you already are.

So after my presentation, I got to meet, mingle, and network with a GREAT group of local professionals. There was one interaction that evening that struck me, a statement from someone who said:

“I’m sorry to hear about your struggles with weight, and that you had to go through all of that.”

Wait… What?! I was taken aback, confused, stopped in my tracks.

Because, I had never thought of it that way.
Never, have I regretted my journey, felt sorry for the struggles, felt hardened, or victimized… There isn’t one part of me that wishes I didn’t have to have those experiences. And if I could go back and change my life, well, I wouldn’t.

If I hadn’t struggled, if I hadn’t lost the weight, if I hadn’t dipped into the very low places that I did, I wouldn’t be exactly where I am today, above it all, and stronger than ever.

Challenges make you grow, make you learn, make you OVERCOME. Whether it’s a presentation at a networking event or years of body-image struggles, it’s the challenging things in life, the low valleys and the dark places, and the steps and leaps outside of your comfort zone, that move you forward.

Keep moving forward, always.

Have a transformational week,


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“Love, joy, and peace are deep states of being.”

-Eckhart Tolle

…It’s what’s been on my mind this week.

As I reflected on this quote one morning, I concluded that it meant two important things to me:

  1. Love, joy, and peace are states that come only from within. They are not contingent upon our external circumstances, nor can we truly achieve them with anything outside of ourselves. Striving to find joy, peace, or love in the world will be an unfulfilling pursuit if you cannot sense those states from within.
  2.  Because love, joy, and peace come only from within, they are accessible at any time. It only takes being able to recognize their presence and tune in, to experience each into the present moment.

To tap into love, joy, and peace, get to know them, deeply.


-What does love feel like, physically, in your body? Where do you feel it? What thoughts, feelings, or memories bring that state of love forward for you?

-What does joy feel like in your body? Where do you feel joy in your body? How do you describe the physical state of joy? The emotional or mental state?

– What does peace feel like? Where do you feel the effects of peace in your body? How does that feeling of peace change your thoughts and emotions?
What you have available to you within goes beyond love, joy and peace. Happiness, contentment, satisfaction, beauty, even youth and health are yours if you choose to experience them as states of being, shining from within, rather than expecting them to come from your experiences, circumstances, or achievements.

Everything you need is within you. It’s one of the foundations of any coaching practice. You are creative, you are wise, you are capable. You have within all the answers you seek.

You are an infinite source of love, joy, and peace.