Change can be really hard, guys.

It’s strife with challenge, false starts, and uncertainty. Things don’t go as planned, obstacles interfere, nothing moves as quickly as we thought they would…

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m moving to Maine! (In fact, as you read this, I’m somewhere in the middle of the country and en route!) It’s a huge transition, a major change, and it’s not with out its setbacks. And while I’ve felt completely rooted in my decision to move, and I’ve pulled out all the stops to care for the worry and self-doubt prone parts of myself, I would still find myself looking around at the sunshine and palm trees and thinking… “wait… why am I doing this again?”

Whilst in self-scrutinizing process of job hunting and resume-refining, I’d start thinking about the comfortable community I’d settled into in my current career, and think, “Wait… why??”

I’d think of our comfortable home, laid back lifestyle, and the fact that I haven’t used an ice-scraper or worn a winter jacket in 4 years and think, “What am I getting into?”

I’ll tell you…

It’s the image I’ve created in my heart and mind; the future of a home, a garden, a small farm. Seasons, homesteading, and family. Sinking my bare feet into warm garden soil and seeing my breath on chilly fall mornings. Frosty grass, mud, wood-stoves. The incredible quiet of the woods after it snows. Rain. For days. It’s the other side of the lake, far as it may be, it’s my destination, my intention, my WHY.

And let me just tell you… That little visualization is what is getting me through all the tough and uncertainty (and really long car rides) right now.

I invite you to imagine and explore…
What’s your WHY?

Create the image in your mind of what you’re moving towards.  What does it feel like, what does it look like. Transport yourself to where you want to go and get as clear and specific as you can in your visualization.

Evoke the power of emotion in your imagery; a sense of peace, excitement, contentment, deep happiness, joy… whatever it is, feel it now.

Designate a reminder of your intention, vision, WHY. Before the circumstances fell into place to move back to Maine, I started wearing a necklace with a small Maine charm on it as a symbol of where I was going and why I was going there. It was my ever-present reminder of my intention to move.

Scrawl your daydream into the pages of your journal or etch it into your mind. Visit, and visit often, and someday it will manifest.



  1. I have been thinking of you, Sarah, and pray you have arrived safely in Maine! Hard to imagine going back to Mountainside Fitness without you there! Love this week’s post! Take care!!

    Liked by 1 person

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