I am a lover of Ted Talks.

In fact, more than one of my posts has been inspired by someone or something I heard in one (such as, 3 Ways the Practice of Listening Can Serve You). Sometimes I listen to them while I’m doing dishes, folding laundry, or doodling in my journal, other times because I have 10 minutes I’d rather not get sucked into social media for. They are uplifting, educational, inspirational, and thought provoking. And because they are typically 20 minutes or less, they make for the perfect pick-me-up!

I’ve gotta say, this was just one of the best posts to write this week, because I got to re-watch some of my very favorites, and I’m so excited to share them with you!

I’ve also added some of my own journaling prompts for your introspective inspiration!

Journal happy and enjoy!

The Power of Vulnerability, Brene Brown


How am I courageous?
When is it easy for me to be vulnerable?
When is it especially difficult for me to be vulnerable?
What do I hide or protect about myself?
What is it to be self-compassionate?
Am I willing to be seen?

Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling, Emily Wapnick


What are some of my many passions?
Where are the intersections in my life?
What have I learned from pursuing my passions?
What’s next for me?

I Got 99 Problems… Palsy is Just One, Maysoon Zayid


What’s my dream?
How do I know that I can (can) do anything?
What is holding me back?
-Create 3 actions for facing them.

How Do You Define Yourself? Lizzie Velasquez


Why is my support system?
What are my goals?
What lights my fire?

Stop Hating Your Body; Start Living Your Life, Taryn Brumfitt


What parts of my vision need a perspective shift?
Why am I without my body?
List 8 reasons why you are an incredible person.


Now go step into the world proudly as yourself – the world needs you! Shine bright!


P.S. Things are likely to be slowing down the blog world for a bit as I make some big transitions in my life. I hope to be sharing some exciting news soon! Cheers!

P.P.S. Blogging inspo credit goes to Corrine Kruger over at Living Simply – I loved her post, 5 Powerful Female Talks You NEED to Watch!


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  1. Thank you so much for “tagging” me in this blog post. I love discovering TED talks and I am very excited to listen to the ones you have mentioned in your post.

    PS. Good luck with the things that are happening in your life, I’m very excited to hear about the news you might be sharing with us soon.

    Love, Corinne

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