The practice of getting to know yourself isn’t always one of deep, spiritual soul-searching, sometimes it’s as simple as exploring the things that make you who you are.

This week, I encourage and inspire you to give a little time to yourself. For 10 or 15 minutes a day, use your journal to explore and appreciate what it’s like to be you.

Have fun with these easy list-making prompts and remember these three keys to a powerful journaling practice:

Hold space. Journaling is a mindful practice, so hold space and honor this time for yourself by being free from distraction and willing to listen to your heart and mind.

Write freely. Don’t judge or hold back from what pours onto the page. Let your thoughts flow unedited, trust your truth and channel your intuition.

Be creative. Express yourself in the pages of your journal and use your creativity to calm your mind.

_You attract the energy that you give off. Spread good vibes, think positively, enjoy life._ (1)


  1. Things that Inspire Me.
  2. Single Words that Describe Me.
  3. My Values.
  4. My Strengths.
    Where will I apply them?
  5. My Weaknesses.
  6. My Goals.
    What actions will I take today?
  7. Reasons Why I’m a Person Worth Knowing.
  8. My Role Models.
  9. People Who Support Me.
  10. My Favorite Memories.
  11. Ways that I Have Changed.
  12. Things that Remind Me of Home.
    What does ‘home’ mean to me?
  13. Things that Scare Me.
    Which fears will I face?
  14. What I’m Proud Of.
  15. Things I am Thankful For.
  16. What I will Accomplish Today, This Week, or This Year.
  17. What Holds Me Back.
    What will I let go of?
  18. What I Need to Be My Best.
  19. Things that Make Me Happy.
  20. Positive Affirmations to Tell Myself.
    What do I need to hear?


Be inspired, be yourself.



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