Fridays are all about the feel good here. And in my opinion, there’s no better way to feel good, fill your heart, and raise your vibrations than by reflecting on all the good things that fill and elevate your life.

Last week, I posted High Five Friday, five high-vibe high fives to end the week on a high note: 1 piece of good news, 1 thing that inspires, 1 thing to feel grateful for, 1 thing to manifest, and 1 thing to give. I encourage you to craft your own High Five Friday in the pages of your journal, or share on social media with the hashtag, #highfivefridayvibes!

Speaking of good vibes, did you have a chance to read Monday’s weekly post, The Power of Good Omens? What positive signs have crossed your path this week? And, how do you interpret their meanings? Reflect on omens in your journaling practice by thinking about the omens that you look for in life and which signs and messages speak to you. As you write, reflect on what messages you’ve received recently, and what omens you will summon to light a path towards your goals and intentions.

As for today, I’m celebrating its feel good Friday-ness with a round-up of big and small blessings! Here’s my ten-fold gratitude list:

1. Peace and acceptance. This week I was able to shed another layer in my growth and release shame and negativity that was holding me back from expansion. “Aha” moments abounded this week.

2. It’s Friday! I love Fridays.

3. Supportive communities. As much as I don’t love social media, I will admit that it redeems itself with the ability to build communities, and connect people who otherwise may not be able to communicate. I appreciated the support, inspiration, and communication this week!

4. Clean water. So simple, so precious, and so taken for granted. I am thankful for clean, reliable water in my life.

5. Where I’m at! I am thankful and content to be at a time in my life where I am free. With no kids, no pets, and few responsibilities, my husband and I are able to take off and go out. I know this time isn’t forever, and I know someday it won’t be enough, but for now, I’m loving it.

6. Readers and supporters like YOU! Thank you for being here! Follow, Share, and Subscribe!

7. A beautiful place to live. Even though I feel pulled towards change sometimes, I don’t take for granted the place I get to be right here and now. Arizona is gorgeous, and sunny!

8. Things are becoming GREEN again! Spring rejuvenates and inspires!

9. People in my life that love and support. THANK YOU, I love you!

10. A healthy body. Our bodies are so resilient and so wise. Have you felt gratitude for your body today?

Begin your Ten Things of Thankful practice with the question, “What am I blessed with?


With love and gratitude,


  1. What a wonderful, uplifting read, your approach to life is so refreshing and so encouraging! “What am I blessed with?” What a perfect way to begin every day, and to recall in times of struggle. I always smile when people tell me they can’t possibly list ten things. I find once I begin that I could on, and on, and on. It’s all about the mindset and the appreciation for what we have. Clean water… we read about Flint, Michigan and I try to imagine my life in that place, or in Puerto Rico where after many months there is still not restored power to many. We take these things for granted… our power and our water, our homes and food, and our cellphones and our computers and our tv. Yet if we had to go even one week, maybe even just 24 hours, without them, we would quickly realize how blessed we are. And yes, Spring weather slowly making it’s appearance around the country, and beautiful places to see and to enjoy it! Social media does indeed have its dark side and it’s downside, but it can also be used for good, for connection and for community. It’s all about the intent and what we want to make of it. You are indeed blessed with the freedom of time and place, to go when you want and where you want, freedom is a wonderful thing! Thank you for sharing yourself with us at TToT!

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  2. Such a wonderful list. And this is a supportive community for sure. It is a good thing to find people who encourage you to find the positive in life rather than dwelling in the negativity that can pull us down.

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  3. Could identify with #1 and 3

    The work of change often is not ‘getting there’ but allowing yourself to ‘leave here’.

    Not sure of the social media element, very sure of the community of people who inhabit the blogosphere… the paraphrase the old joke, ‘some of my best friends are virtual.’

    Speaking of positive and supportive, this TToT is surely one of the more enjoyable corners of the virtual world.

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  4. Great list. Especially #5. Being thankful for where you are, here and now, is a wonderful way to live,and it leaves you open for expansion in all areas of your life.

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  5. What a wonderful TTOT list!
    Your photo reminds me of some of the high desert areas in the state where I live. Beautiful scene.
    Being able to accept and enjoy the stage of life you are in now is a blessing because those stages sometimes change quickly.

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