When my husband and I made the move to Arizona from our home in Maine, it was a leap of blind faith. My then boyfriend, Brian, had been offered a job in Scottsdale at a brand new running store, and we made the decision to pack up and move nudged solely by our sense of adventure and trust that all would work out. In 3 week’s time we donated of most of our possessions, stored a few, and kept only that which would fit into my Prius for the 2,700-mile drive from Portland to Phoenix. My intuition guided me through that decision, but it was not without doubts, questioning, rationalizing, and a few minor freak-outs that we made it here.
As we made our final leg of the journey from Albuquerque to Phoenix, and descended from the mountains of the Tonto National Forest into the Sonoran Desert, the scenes of our new home began to form. Cactus started appearing along the side of the highway, rocky desert landscapes took the place of pine forests, and as I looked out the passenger window to see my first Saguaro Cactus, with awe and wonder I noticed… it was in full bloom.

That was exactly the sign that I needed. It was a sign of welcome, a message that here, in the harsh desert, so far away from everything I knew, I too would bloom.

I’ve always been moved by omens. I’m very spiritual, perhaps slightly superstitious, and for as long as I can remember, have sought out communication with the universe and divine. Omens speak to me, I notice them, I ask for them… to me, they are like cairns on a hiking trail; reminders that I am exactly where I should be on my path, and moving in the right direction.

You may see omens as tokens of good luck, signs, reminders, messages, or perhaps just something that you love that’s unexpectedly crossed your path… if you let them though, good omens can play a powerful role in your life too.

♥ Assurance. When an omen has been put in your path, you can feel sure that you are moving in the direction of your destiny and purpose. They are a reminder to keep moving forward with trust and confidence, evidence that you’ve made the right choice, and a sign that good things lay ahead.

♥ Connection to Spirit. Regardless of what your spirituality may be, good omens help to strengthen your connection and faith. By serving as communication from God, the Universe, Spirit, Guardian Angels, or even just happy coincidence, good omens help us feel connected, supported, and aligned on our life’s journey.

♥ Boost of Positivity. There is no denying the wave of good feelings you get when something that brings you joy appears or happens unexpectedly.  Omens make us smile, raise our spirits, and elevate us with laughter, awe, and wonder. They remind us to feel loved and supported, and when we feel good we do good!

How do you know if it’s a good omen?

love tree
Flagstaff, Arizona

Intuition. If it feels like an omen, then it is. The heart operates on a different wave length, it communicates in a different way, listen and look with your intuition and don’t over think it.

If it feels like a good sign, trust that feeling; Smile, enjoy, feel the love.
The universe is always speaking, keep your eyes, ears, and heart open for good omens around you.

Turtles, flowers, coins, the number 819, and swallowtail butterflies are a few of the omens I look for. What are yours?

With good luck and love,
*Cover Photo: Sweet Heart Rock, Lanai, HI. Coty Gonzalez, Huffington Post.

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