“If the only prayer you ever say is thank you, that will be enough.” Eckhart Tolle


I’m happy to be celebrating this Friday with a list of of blessings from the past two weeks!
What’s in your Ten Things of Thankful? How do you practice gratitude?

VACATION! Happy to be hanging out in So. Cal with the husband and family from Maine, and feeling blessed with a week off! We love the ocean, they love the sunshine, we’re smiles all around.

2018-03-24 09.32.56 1.jpg Soul Food. I am a darn good cook, with a passion for fresh, colorful food, and myhusband is a superb and innovative bread baker. When our forces combine we create delicious, healthy, and love-filled meals that are enjoyed over hours of conversation and wine. This soul food reminds me of how life is good!!

A quiet life. It’s nice to enjoy weeks or even months on end when nothing eventful happens. The quiet, steady pace of life has been restorative for me over the past few months.

Balance. Busy days and empty days, push and pull, work and rest; each makes the other feel more valuable. I am grateful to have a full schedule during the week, and also enjoy slow weekend days for rest, for training sessions and breaks in between, and to have found a sense of balance in life right now.

Family. I feel so lucky to have a supportive and loving family that enjoys spending time together and with whom I can look forward to traveling with!

Trails. Even though I live in outside of a major city, the proximity of great hiking trails is superb here in Phoenix. I don’t think I ever would have survived the relocation if I didn’t have so many mountains in my back yard! This spring has been great for exploring new preserves and trails in the valley!

Great socks. Growing up I always wanted to have really nice socks. Not that I didn’t have socks – I was also very blessed to always have shoes and socks on my feet! But since my husband has managed a running store, he brings home the BEST socks, and seriously, it makes such a difference. My feet are so happy.

You! I am so grateful to all of my readers who make my dream of keeping a blog a reality! Thank you for being here every week, reading my words, and supporting my growth! If you like what you read, be sure to follow, like, and share!

Gratitude. Ten Things of Thankful has been an invitation for me to think more deeply about gratitude in my life, and for that, well… I’m grateful! Sitting and creating a list of what I am blessed with is a different practice than feeling gratitude in the moment, each reminds me of the other and rounds out a fulfilling practice.

Saturday mornings… Lazy, leisurely, big-breakfast, extra-coffee, journaling-time, Saturday mornings. They are my favorite part of the week. The birds wake me up, I don’t get out of bed until the sun has risen, and I take things at my own pace.

Enjoy the good life!


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