This post is a shout out to my fellow to-do list crushers, task-masters, and mavens of “getting stuff done”.  To the organized, on the ball, and strivers to be ahead of the game. To those who find it hard to slow down and rest, and who live full and productive lives.

And  also to those, who like me, get so caught up and tightly wound from their state of business that they fall into a trap of stress, worry, and overwhelm…

When the busy-body brain takes over or when you find yourself feeling wired, tired, and overwhelmed, use your journal for a mental timeout; ease stress and anxiety, regain your clarity and focus, and take 15 minutes to chill the F out.

Put your monkey brain on ice with these creative journaling prompts:

  • Draw a picture of what the inside of your mind looks like right now.
  • Write a short poem about your current state
    Here’s an example: 
    “I’m taking a break
    to rest my poor brain,
    from tasks and to-do’s
    and stressers that strain.
    For just a few minutes

    I’ll calm the f*ck down
    and regain some clarity
    before I meltdown.
  • Color
    Grab some colored pencils or your kid’s crayons and just shade until your heart’s content.
  • Sit with a blank page and pen and just draw whatever comes out.
    Doodle ‘sesh!
  • Plan your dream day off
    What time would you sleep until? Would you stay home or go out? Take a bubble bath, call a friend, go on a hike, read a book? Go into detail and imagine vividly.
  • Write a supportive letter to yourself
    Maybe it starts with, “Dear Self, I’d like to take a moment to tell you that despite how you may be feeling right now, there is nothing that you can’t handle…”
  • Imagine that you’re brain and your heart are two people having a conversation: How would they introduce themselves? What would they say to each other?
    “Hello Heart, I’m Sarah’s Brain. You’ve probably already heard all about me though because I’m very important and I do and know a lot of things…” “Hi Brain, yes, I’ve heard you, you talk over me a lot, but I have some pretty important things to say as well, and I also know a lot.”

Press pause on life for just 15 minutes; chill out, calm down, and regain your center.

Cool it!

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