“Gratitude is not a passive response to something we have been given. Gratitude arises from paying attention, from being awake in the presence of everything that lives within and without us.” -David Whyte

Here’s to living another week with eyes and arms wide open. In expression of gratitude, here’s a Friday celebration of big and small blessings: Ten Things of Thankful.

The simple pleasure of doing nothing. How often I forget how restorative, how peaceful and calming, doing absolutely nothing is. Just being comfortable, taking in my surroundings, observing, and letting my thoughts flow… I am grateful to have spent a little time on nothing at all this week

Sharing good food and hospitality. I am thankful for the presence good friends, food, and games in my life this week, and to be able to welcome and gather others into our home!

The joy of spring cleaning. Nothing beats the satisfaction of cleaning out what no longer serves – and what takes up too much space in your closet. The fresh space makes room for more joy and fresh air in my life, both figuratively and literally!

Rainy mornings. Rainy days are so infrequent in the desert, and nothing beats the pit pat of rain and sounds of happy birds outside while I sit and sip my coffee.

Clients who bring their A game. I am blessed with the best job, that allows me to meet the best people. And what’s really the best are the clients who show up, ready to workout, recognize their own achievements, and have fun doing it. They make my day, my week, and honestly, my career.

That it’s March. I used to live in Maine, where March is truly the absolute worst month. But now I live in Arizona, and March is the best month of the year – warm days and cool nights mean afternoon hiking and dinners al fresco. The windows stay open all the time, the days are getting longer.  Birds are happy and tuneful, and the wildflowers and trees are beginning to bloom.

Yoga. I had some great yoga in my life this week. I am especially grateful for teachers that create a welcoming, warm, positive space for practice and community.

My Husband. Disregard the fact that he is here listed at number eight, because in truth he is number one on all of my gratitude lists. I don’t think I could have found a better, more supportive, loving person to share my life with – plus he bakes incredible bread.

Great Podcasts. I find a lot of support, information, and inspiration in podcasts. Most of this week’s listening has been to Life. Unrestricted. with Marot Boxler and The Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields.  What are you listening to?

To be here. Lastly, I’m just thankful to be here; living this life, traveling this journey, and having the experience of being human… cranky days and all.

And of course, thank YOU for being here, reading my words, and supporting my passions!

What’s on your list of thankfuls for this week?

With a full heart,


  1. A lovely list of 10. Bravo to you for #1. Not always a simple task to dial it down to “0” but I agree, when done, can have amazing rewards.
    There is something very cathartic about cleaning and cleaning out whether spring time or other time:)
    Maine to Arizona. Holy smokes big difference! Sounds absolutely lovely there now. I’m eagerly awaiting the same here in the mid-Atlantic 😀
    Have a wonderful week!


  2. Hey, Sarah! Welcome to the TToT!
    Always good to ‘see’ new faces (and their respective glimpses of a world and a life).
    Enjoyed your list. Been to Arizona only once, very not New England! Roads that are straight from more than a mile and a half and a sky that has horizons 180 degrees apart! very cool

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  3. Your list is lovely and inspiring. Spring cleaning and weather, yoga and dear husbands are positives we can share. Thanks for the upbeat post and the quote that reminds us to stay in the present and be aware of the joys around us.

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  4. Love that quote! As for putting your husband at #8, I always list mine at #10–though he is definitely not last on my list! So, no worries. I didn’t think you were actually MORE thankful for spring cleaning than your hubby! 🙂

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  5. What a truly uplifting TTOT post! This was a delight to read. That is quite a contrast between living in Maine and now Arizona, although I have never been to either state. I know there are drastic differences in climate. I enjoy podcasts too and usually listen to them when I am in the car driving to visit my Mom several times a week. Some of those I like are the following:
    https://themoth.org/podcast, http://www.radiolab.org/series/podcasts/, https://www.ted.com/read/ted-podcasts/ted-radio-hour

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