I’ll be perfectly honest with you, it took two attempts to write this post. The first time I sat to brainstorm, research, and write, I got completely distracted by the idea of cleaning out my closet, kitchen drawers, and files that I took the rest of the afternoon off to clean house…  After gathering and ridding two trash bags worth of clothing donations, a grocery bag of recycling, I regained my focus, the second attempt was one of free flowing creativity, and abundant words at my fingertips! Prepare yourself, this is powerful stuff… get the trash bags ready, set aside some time, and get ready to do some spring cleaning!

It is one of my core beliefs that if you want to attract amazing things into your life, you have to make room for it. That means getting rid of any junk that isn’t serving you anymore, releasing anything that brings your energy down, and giving freely.

Do you have space in your life for the things you want?

If you’re busy, overwhelmed, weighed down, carrying baggage, holding on, physically tense, or emotionally drained… the answer is probably no.

It might be time to declutter and work on creating some space for good things, potential, possibility, and abundance to enter your life.

I’ve got the steps and self-coaching prompts you need to begin your process.

Step one: Intention
Intention is your compass; it’s your number one navigational tool to get to where you want to go. Just like when you’re creating a smart goal, having a clear intention, and understanding of your “why”, will guide you through your decluttering process when things get tough or challenges arise.  When you’re at a crossroads with whether to stay at your job or go after your dream, say yes or no to added obligations, or hold on to the pair of jeans that you used to love, but no longer fit your life – check in with your intention, it will never lead you astray.

Self-Coaching Prompts: What am I making room for? What will enter the space I create?

Step two: Where to begin?
Look around: What is preventing you from living at your best? Do you get a nagging feeling every time you walk past your messy office? Is your to do list too long? How do you feel when you open your closet, or get into your car? Is there something that has been pulling on you emotionally that you haven’t taken time to address? Begin by choosing just one thing to work on, start small and work your way up (especially if decluttering is hard for you); focus on small accomplishments and doing just one thing at a time.

Self-Coaching Prompts: What am I tolerating? Where am I feeling stuck? What drains my energy?

Step three: Let it go.
Things, obligations, jobs, relationships… they come and go in our life continually. There are lots of reasons why it may be challenging to let go, so be gentle with yourself, practice awareness, and remember that our lives have a natural rhythm of letting in and letting go. Think about what is serving you right now, and what will best serve your intention. Let go of what won’t, thank it for being in your life, for bringing you joy, lessons, and happiness, then kindly let it pass on so that you can move forward too.

Self-Coaching Prompts: Is this serving my life or intention? Will letting this go help me move forward?

Step four: Create space.
Create a beautiful space, or life, that you feel proud of.  Keep the things that bring you joy and put them on display so you can see them, have the closet that makes you feel excited to look into, live a life you’re happy to tell others about. The number one rule of manifestation is if you want to attract good things into your life, feel good!

Self-Coaching Prompts: What do I choose to surround me? What am I proud to show in my life?

Step five: Acknowledge and enjoy.
Acknowledge yourself! You’ve just done something amazing for yourself and your life!
Cleaning house is hard work, and nothing feels better after a long process of tidying than sitting back and soaking it all in. Be proud of the work you’ve done! Take time to enjoy the beautiful space that you’ve created, and get ready for beautiful things to enter into your life.

Self-Coaching Prompts: “I am proud of the work I’ve done and am ready for….”



Decluttering, letting go, and tidying up can be challenging work, but if you take it one step at a time, practice self-awareness, and be mindful of your intention, you will welcome all the benefits into the space you’ve created.

Happy Springtime!


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