High Five! It’s Friday! To end this week on a high note, I’ve got five positive things to share with you: 1 piece of happy news, 1 thing that inspires me, 1 thing I’m grateful for, 1 thing to give, and 1 thing to manifest. And if reading this isn’t feel good enough for you, try making your own list – I guarantee you’ll smile at least five times!

Here’s my list of high vibe-ers this week:

1 Piece of Happy News: It’s never too late to do something incredible.
George Corones, a 99-year-old man from Austrailia (who turns 100 next month, I’ll add) just broke the two world records for the 50m and 100m freestyle swim in his age group. Corones picked up the sport at age 80, and says, “It just came naturally at 80 and I’ve been doing it for 20 years.” If that doesn’t make you smile than certainly his happy face will.  Read the story here.

What’s your good news this week?

1 Thing That Inspires Me: Hay House Radio
A few weeks ago a client introduced me to Hay House Radio. I don’t have specific show, host, or quote to quote because every time I’ve tuned in this week, I feel better than I did before listening. It’s become a go-to source of inspiration for me lately!

What inspires you?

1 Thing I’m Grateful For: My Job.
I believe that I have the best job I could possible have in my life right now. I meet the most wonderful, interesting people, I have a sense of fulfillment and purpose in helping others live healthier, more balanced lives, not a day goes by that I do not laugh, it provides the means I need to live a comfortable life, and gives me time to pursue my other passions – like this blog!

What are you grateful for?

1 Thing to Manifest: Readers, Followers, and Traffic.
I’ve been working pretty hard on growing and building my little blogging space lately, and this week I intend to focus that energy to manifest some growth! I’m calling out for facebook and Instagram follows, blog readers, and email subscribers to share the power of journaling with!

What does your future hold?

1 Thing to Give: Free Listening.
My training in Life Coaching has built upon my natural ability to listen and hold space for others. This week I’m giving my time, my space, my ears, and letting you know that I am here if you need space to talk. This isn’t coaching, or counseling, it’s just a place to be heard; to laugh, cry, scream, or confess without fear of judgement or interruption. Contact me here – I’m all ears.
p.s. Have you heard of the Urban Confessional Free Listening Movement? I think it’s wonderful and beautiful!

What will you give this week?DSC_1069


Have a HAPPY, High-Five, High-Vibe Friday!

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