From my constant source of inspiration, Lao Tzu,
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Whatever your personal journey, be it towards change, acceptance, healing, growth, happiness, peace, or gratitude… let your first step be with awareness.

Let the first step in your pursuits be one of knowing and understanding what you are working towards, and better yet, knowing and understanding yourself. Self-awareness helps you harness the power of your strengths and weaknesses, your tendencies, your desires, and your habits… it also:

– Helps you adapt to circumstances and situations.
-Be efficient and intentional in decision making.
-Embrace your uniqueness.
-Build self-confidence.
-Be compassionate and empathetic towards others.
-Take of yourself and honor your well-being.
-Take a more direct path towards your goals.
-Learn from your mistakes so you don’t make them again.
-Build self trust and understanding.
-Discover your passions.

Your journal is the perfect place to begin your practice of self-awareness. Use power of inquiry as a self-coaching tool, learn to hold space for yourself, dig deep, and begin to hear the voice of your inner guide, your intuition.

If journaling is not part of your regular practice (if you’re ready to begin start here!), you can also dig into the 3 questions below by holding space for yourself in your favorite mindful practice. Try meditation, mindful movement, working with a coach, or quiet contemplation. Whatever your process looks like, make time and space to be distraction free, calm your mind, and find your center. Then dig deep, listen openly, and enjoy your practice.

What am I feeling?
What are the emotions I am experiencing? Where in my body am I feeling them? What are the words that describe my emotions?

What am I thinking?
Become an observer, a listener: What are the thoughts playing in my mind?

What do I want?
What do I want for my life? From my relationships? For my future? What will bring me fulfillment? What will make my heart happy?

Begin your practice, enjoy the process, and remember,
It’s not the destination, but the journey.


With self-awareness, comes self-acceptance. With acceptance comes peace.

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