Sometimes we don’t recognize that we’re out of balance until the moment we fall. We adhere to our habits, get stuck in our ways, and mindlessly attach to our expectations. It’s the moments when the give and take of energy and focus become irregular, that we hold our breath, lose our rhythm, tense, and falter.

Falling is one of the key pillars of balance, it is important because it serves as a wake-up call alerting us to imbalances and gives us the opportunity to use our strength to stand again and correct ourselves as needed. When we balance in yoga we use our breath to find stillness. We focus on the steady rhythm of inhales and exhales. The even exchange of give and receive calms and focuses our minds so that we can settle, trust, and be still. That same steady flow of energy is represented in our heartbeat, our breath, our nourishment and also in our relationships, work, and day to day interactions.

How we give, how we receive, and the balance between the two are at the core of our existence.  Bring awareness to the energy exchange in your life with these 5 simple questions:

-Am I giving or am I receiving?
-Am I expressing or am I listening?
-Am I pushing forward or am I pulling back?
-Am I supporting or am I being supported?
-Am I working or am I resting?

The beauty in falling is that every time we do, we learn how to better adjust. We get stronger and become more mindful. It’s in that falling we learn how not to fall.

Journaling prompt: Describe the last time you fell.
Days ago I fell. I gave too much, I held too much, I didn’t breathe – I couldn’t breathe. I toppled clean over onto the earth. I cried. I sat in the mud, feeling angry and frustrated, defeated and empty. Then the winds changed and I found my breath again. I pulled myself together, dusted off the dirt and salt, and stood. 


Inhale. Exhale.
And have a peaceful week!

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” -Confucius


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