Whether or not you’re of the resolution making mindset, it seems that this time of year inspires most of us to make goals for the year ahead. And it’s usually about this time, now that we’re two weeks into the new year, that I start to observe which of my goals are going to stick and which are going to slide.

Why is it that some goals seem to flow; they motivate us, give us purpose, excitement, energy, and inspiration to push through and see completion, and others, despite our strive, push, and hustle, drain us of energy, and leave us feeling unfulfilled?

How can we ensure that our goals are not only destined for success, but build energy and momentum as we pursue them? How do we make sure that the journey of pursuing our goals adds to our lives?

Align, verb, 1. To place or arrange (things) in a straight line. 2. To give support to (person, organization, cause)

When you make a goal, you support it, but when you align with that goal, it in-turn supports you too. Goals are about the process, the journey and the steps as much, if not more, than about the reward.  When you hustle for a goal that you aren’t passionate about, aren’t clear on, or don’t really believe will happen you are on a path towards wasted energy, dissatisfaction, and burn out. The most important thing you can do is create well thought out goals that matter deeply to you, and that are going to do something to improve your life, your happiness, and/or your personal growth. And a second important thing is to think about is whether or not you are alignment with your goals.

So what does it mean to be aligned with your goals?

Focused on outcome. You know exactly what you’re working towards, when to expect it, what it’s going to look like, what it’s going to feel like to succeed, and your focus insures that you don’t, for one day, forget it.

Mindful of intention. Intention gives you direction, even when the path gets crooked or blocked. It is your reason WHY and the heart of your goal. Even if the outcome isn’t exactly what you pictured, as long as you move in the direction of your intention, you’ll meet your why at the end.

Open to opportunities. With an open mind and open eyes, you see opportunity when it comes your way, and you are ready to take it. Clarity around your outcome and intention drive away fear and hesitation around saying yes to what will serve you on your path.

Believe in success. You believe, to the depths of your heart, that you are capable of success. You can and you will do what it takes.

Feel supported. You aren’t in it alone. Maybe it’s a higher power, your loved ones, your tribe, or others in pursuit of the same goal that make you feel like you have the people in your life to help you see your goals through. You can call on them for accountability, advice, mentorship, clarity, and inspiration.

Adding to life. You have designed goals that realistically fit into your life, are sustainable, and allow for enough flexibility to handle the uncertainty that is day to day. Your plan is directed yet adaptable and will meet you where you are.

When you set goals that align with your life, who you are, and serve your wholeness, you are not only more likely to succeed, but you are also more likely to appreciate the journey you have made to reach them.

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All my best,

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