Happy New Year, Beautiful People!!

How are you feeling entering into 2018? What are you excited for?

I have always appreciated the sense of a new beginning at the turn of the new year! I love thinking about where I was one year ago, if I thought I’d be where I am now, and where I’d like to be this time next year. Part of it is the coach in me, that feels eager to create goals, and hear about everyone else’s too, and some of it is the sense of hope, the optimistic look towards the future, and the great feeling of potential, that gets me feeling excited!

Do you have goals for 2018? How likely are you to succeed in them? What does your goal-setting process look like, and how do you set yourself up for success?

I’m celebrating the process of making goals this January by sending out powerful journaling prompts and self-coaching exercises that are designed to help YOU get started with your goals for the new year! These prompts and exercises are totally free, and come once weekly to your inbox! Subscribe HERE!  (P.S. You’ll also get a copy of “Be Your Own Life Coach: 3 Ways to Use Your Journal as a Self-Coaching Tool.”)

As you work to create your goals, and envision where you’d like to be one year from now, I encourage you to think of resolutions that will add to your life, rather than change or fix it. How can you add to your health? What habits do you want to add in 2018? What will bring abundance to your life? What do you want to attract? What are the goals that will make your life full?

Daydream, write, journal, plan… enjoy the process of envisioning your best life in the year ahead! And as you start creating your goals, consider these 5 ways you can set yourself up for success.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

1. Make your goals as specific as possible.  Decide what exactly it is that you are working towards, down to the last detail. Consider the steps and timeline you will need to take in pursuit of this goal. Envision just what that will look like, and what you will feel like, when you’ve accomplished it. Practice some good ‘ol positive visualization, or use my favorite tool, the journal, to reflect and record the specifics and desired outcome of your goals.

2. Get very honest about your intention. Your reason “WHY” is what will drive you to see this goal through. Knowing exactly what your intention is will also insure that you take the fastest, most direct route to your desired outcome. Your intention is sort of like your compass, it may not point to every turn, but it will always show you your true north.

3. Know what you have, get what you need. Think about your skills, knowledge, experience, equipment, time, money, people, or space; what resources do you have to accomplish your goals? How can you make the best use of each of them? Now, what are the resources that you need to succeed in your goals? Write them out, and plan how you will get them.

4. Keep your goals to the forefront. How many times have you not succeeded in a goal simply because you lost track of it, forgot it, or let it fall to the wayside? Don’t let a good goal go to waste! Strategize ways that you can keep your goals a priority in your life; put a reminder on your phone, a post-it on your mirror, or a schedule on your fridge. Do whatever it takes to make it part of your daily life. Overtime new habits will sink in, and you’ll be easily building momentum towards your goal.

5. Stick to your commitments. Remember to keep moving forward, even if things get tough, don’t go as planned, or even if you fail – stay true to your word and the commitment you made to yourself to see it through. This is your opportunity to prove that you can do anything you set your mind to, so do it. Practice commitment. Even if the outcome isn’t exactly on target, it’s still better than throwing in the towel because you made a mistake, or hit a setback. On a side note: don’t make commitments you aren’t committed to.

Another way I’m celebrating this New Year is with a give away!
Enter my #JournalHappy New Year’s Give Away and be one step closer to being your own life coach in 2018! I’m giving away a brand new journal and host of goal setting, resolution conquering, self-coaching exercises to start writing about!

New YearGive Away! (1)

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