The change of seasons always brings forth two instincts in me:

The need to clean out and let go.

And the need to plan, prepare, and pave the path ahead.

I’ve been acting on those instincts in my usual, predictable way this fall: cleaning out closets and drawers, wiping away the summer dust that seems to have collected in unusual places, cleaning, finishing the books I started over the summer, and organizing anything within reach. I open the windows, make my home feel extra-welcoming, and make holiday plans and brainstorm gifts. I’ve been scheduling, crafting and creating, making new goals, getting focused on my intentions, and sitting and settling with thoughts of the future.

As I feel a strong sense of transition both in the seasons and in the greater picture of my life, I’ve been practicing being kinder to myself and being mindful and present. As long as I continue to be self-aware, accepting, and non judgmental, I am able to find contentment in a place between places.

Fall, as any transition, can be a pivotal, tumultuous, revealing, stressful, and yet, incredibly productive time of year.

Besides staying present, self-aware, and accepting during times of transition, but contentment also depends on staying aligned with your goals an intentions. After all, transitions are about moving forward into a new phase. One powerful, simple, and incredibly important question you can ask yourself is,

“Where am I going?”

Quiet your mind, tap into your intuition, please, don’t think it through. Don’t start making goals and action steps. Just be still, be quiet, and let the answer come up from your heart. Goals, action steps, plans, and road maps won’t matter without the answer to that question.

“Your heart knows things your mind can’t explain.” – Unknown

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Have a peaceful, heart-centered, intuitive week,

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