Its been in the past few years that I’ve become anti-diet convert.

… and trust me, I am never going back.

When I finally reached burnout, I had been dieting so long, I didn’t know how to NOT restrict my food. In my mind, food was either good for you or bad for you, healthy or not healthy, and eating the latter of either of those categories left me feeling shameful, judgmental, guilty, and like a failure. Giving in to cravings, or deviating from anything but a perfect diet meant starting over the next day; back on the wagon, clean state, get under control.

Diet, food, and weight loss was how I knew if I was succeeding in life or not.

It just sounds so exhausting… doesn’t it? Counting calories, counting carbs, weighing food, tracking macros, beating yourself up over a number on the scale, keeping records of measurements, diet rules, forbidden foods, wasting energy on guilt, constantly thinking about food could be earned or burned through exercise, and living with fear of gaining weight…

All for what?

Happiness? Health? To feel good about yourself?

Umm… do any of those behaviors sound like ways to feel happy, be healthy, and build self-acceptance and love?!

I’m going to let you in on what I’ve discovered actually DOES build happiness, health, self-acceptance, love and an all-around awesome life:


You wanna be happy? Work on being happy. Face and let go of anything that is it keeping it from you.

You wanna be healthy? Start treating your body with some love and respect, and stop starving it and working it to death already!

You wanna feel good about yourself? Prove it. Your words, your thoughts, and your actions are opportunities to just that every day.

When I stopped putting all my potential for happiness, health, and self-love in image, I discovered the path for truly discovering those things. When I stopped wasting my thoughts, time, money, and energy on dieting, and striving for some outrageous standard for health and beauty, I could focus on what I wanted my life to really be about:
Empowering others, using my gifts, celebrating everything, giving love, listening, laughing, smiling, exploring, creating, and sharing!

Dieting didn’t just restrict my food, my image, my value… it restricted my potential, and my life.

Pursue what makes you happy, do what makes you feel vibrant, and learn to celebrate everything that you are…

You deserve to live this life to it’s fullest.


P.S. The road to diet-free living is a process, just like making any other change in your life. If you’d like to learn more about how hiring a coach can help you make big changes in your life, get in touch HERE.




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