How will you ever find satisfaction in the future, if you cannot find it now?
How will you love yourself in the future if you find it impossible to do so now?
How will you recognize that you’ve achieved your goals, if you can’t recognize what you’re achieving now?

You can’t make positive changes with a negative mindset.

I experience this dilema with my personal training clients all the time. They come to me and tell me that they “need” to lose weight, that they want to have a flatter stomach, that they hate the way their arms look, etc… and I always ask them, “Why do you want to lose weight?” and “What will changing all these things really give you?”
Eight out of ten times I get the following responses; “So I can be happier” and “They’ll give me self-confidence.”

The clients that show up, do the work, and say “Damn girl, you see how much weight I’m movin’ today?” (verbatim quote, btw), and “Look at the muscles I’m starting to show off!” are the ones that are feeling happy, and gaining more and more self-confidence every time I see them. They are crushing goals and taking names! They’re living their lives and aren’t wasting any energy being in the dumps about flaws or failures.

The clients that show up, do the work, and say, “Ugh… Can’t we just get rid of this area right here?”, and “I’ve been working out really hard, how come I don’t look like that person?” are the ones that even when reminded of the progress they’re making in their training sessions, choose over and over not to see it. They’re accomplishing goals, but they’re not satisfied. Despite everything they do or accomplish, they’re still bogged down by the belief that they aren’t enough.

If you really, truly, want to see awesome changes happen in your life, you have to be willing to recognize them as they come. You have to align your thoughts with what those goals are going to give you, and live them, in this moment. If you really want happiness and confidence in your life, start proving that you’re ready by seeing it now. Think happy, confident thoughts, choose to feel happy and confident, and create forward momentum by taking action that feeds those feelings. Happiness will only be attained by striving to be happy, and choosing to be happy. Confidence can only be built by recognizing everything you have to be confident about, and choosing to give those things more power than your insecurities.

Think positively about what you want, feel good about your accomplishments, and create the energy to DO everything that needs to happen to crush your goals.

And as you’re working on making those awesome, positive changes in your life,

Try out these 5 mind-shifts to harness the power of positivity while pursuit of your goals:

1. Improve upon your Greatness.
You are perfect, enough, worthy, and totally great exactly as you are! But, we all have aspects that we want to improve upon in ourselves and in our lives. Rather than focusing your thoughts on all the negative things that you don’t like, or that you need to change in order to be happy, align your thoughts with personal improvement. Work to better yourself, not fix yourself. Celebrate positive changes and small victories as they come, and because they are making a bright shiney person (aka YOU) even brighter!

2. Trust the Process and Be In the Journey.
Sometimes you have to take a lot of pit stops before you get to your destination, and sometimes it takes longer than you’d like. Just enjoy the scenery, practice patience, understand the lessons that present themselves, and keep your eyes on the prize. TRUST that you will get where you’re going as long as you keep moving forward. No one got anywhere by giving up half way through, so even if it’s a baby step, it’s still a step in the right direction!

3. Set Yourself Up for Success.
Make sustainable, achievable, realistic goals that you can succeed in and that fit with your lifestyle. Prove to yourself and the universe that you CAN DO it! Success in even the tiniest of goals is still success, and that energy will feed the fire towards even bigger success. (side note: Failure happens. You can’t get the blue ribbon every time. Take the participation ribbon, learn the lesson, and move on.)

4. Life Happens in the Grey Area.
Stop judging yourself or anything else in your life as good or bad, black or white, healthy or unhealthy, pass or fail. Life happens in between those things, in the “some of this, some of that”, in the “give and take”, in the “on the other hand.” There is greater satisfaction in everything you do and experience if you are able to adjust your thinking to the bigger picture, and strive for balance rather than perfectionism.

5. Focus on the Feel Good.
Remember that how we feel is what drives our ability to take action or inaction. If your goals are aligned with what makes you feel good, you are more likely to keep moving forward towards those goals. If you’re constantly putting yourself down as you try to work towards your goals, you’re more likely to give up, simply because, you aren’t feelin’ it.

Have an awesome week and go crush some goals,

Cause, damn girl… you see how great you are?!


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