At the beginning of my Sunday morning Yoga class, my teacher said something that changed my entire practice that day: “Let go of your attachment to be anything other than what you are right now.”

It was that word, attachment, that stuck with me and shifted my perspective.

When we attach ourselves to an idea, a belief, or an outcome, it takes over our ability to recognize what is here in the present. When we attach we become rigid, blind, and unable to take in experiences and opportunities that are right front of us. We become more likely to strain and stress for what we think we know, than allow, flow, and trust the unknown.

Let go of fears, outcomes, should-be’s, judgements, and outdated beliefs just for a week, a day, an afternoon, an hour…
What does it feel like to go with the flow?
How strong is your ability to trust?
What do you find yourself grasping for?
What are you ready to be free from?

Pick three beliefs, outcomes, or judgements that no longer serve you, and actively work to let them go, right now.



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