Your “why” is your compass in life. When you feel lost, it will guide you. When the path is full of switch backs, it will lead in the direction that you seek. Allow your heart to be your true north, and it will never fail you.

Your “why” is your wind. It is what will fill your sails and propel you forward – or backward. If you are true to yourself it will lift you up, and if neglected it will blow you over.  Harness the power of your why and allow it to move you.

Your “why” is your purpose. It is the reason you were put on this earth. How life unfolds is second to the purpose for which it unfolds. Trust your purpose, believe in your why.

When you know your Why

I always used to think of obstacles in life as “tests.” If you pass the test, and learn the lesson, you move forward and if you fail, you are presented with the same obstacle later down the road. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized that obstacles in life are really more like challenges to master in order to prepare for the next step. They are there to make you stronger so you’re ready to take the next step. Even when its two steps forward, one step back, obstacles are not pass/fail, they’re strength-training sessions.  It was one of these “opportunities for strength” that inspired this post.

Last week, I picked up a modeling gig, a photo shoot for a local resort. It was an amazing opportunity, an amazing team of professionals, and an amazingly fun day. But days after the excitement wore off, and the photos stopped flooding social media, I was left with overturned thoughts and beliefs I thought I had worked through and left behind. There I was, back to questioning my worth, neglecting who I truly am and measuring myself by how my body looks.  I was back to thinking that I’m not thin enough, pretty enough, graceful enough, curvy enough, muscular enough to have any business in front of a camera. I was back to comparing myself to others. I was faced again with the belief that I should “loose a few pounds” to be a better version of myself. I was back to where I was 2 years ago, but this time around, I was a little bit stronger; I was armed with my own awareness. It took a few days of practicing awareness, and about 6 hours of hiking in the woods, to recognize my thoughts, listen to them, and question them.
The most important thing I did was remember why I do everything that I do.

– I take care of my body so I can continue experience beautiful places on earth.

– I exercise to stay fit for hiking, exploring, and because I enjoy moving. And also because the forest is my happy place and being fit allows me to spend more time in it.

– I stopped dieting so I can feel at peace with myself and food. And because carbs are delicious, and I was lying when I said I didn’t miss them.

– I eat healthy, colorful food because I enjoy preparing it, and because it makes me feel well and energized. I also eat chocolate, and drink coffee, and wine regularly just because I enjoy them, and feeling guilty about it ruins the experience.

– I work because it gives me a feeling of purpose, a routine, connects me with the best people, and allows me to live and pursue the lifestyle I like to live.

– I started this business because I have a message to share with the world, and I know I can change lives doing it.

Question yourself constantly. Be aware. Know your purpose, know your intentions, know your “why”. It’s the greatest strength you have.







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