30% ThinnerTransformation photos don’t tell an ounce of the whole story.

The photo on the left is me at age 17, at my heaviest weight, on the right is me 7 years later and 70 lbs lighter. What this photo doesn’t tell is that I wasn’t one bit happier with my body in the second photo than the first.  Even at my smallest, I was still desperately trying to lose more weight. I didn’t know how not to be on a diet. My “food rules” gave me control, gave me power, gave me identity, and I was convinced that if I abandoned those rules for even a day, I would lose everything. Everything I had worked for, everything I had achieved, all the weight I had lost would come piling back on, and I would forever be a failure. Nothing scared me more than the girl in the left photo.

In my journey towards acceptance over the last 2 years, I have had to learn and embrace that both of those girls are just ME. At the center, they are the same person, radiant and worthy of love and belonging.  Learning, embracing, accepting myself on the inside has taught me that no matter how my body changes over the years, I will still be ME. Everything that I am, everything that I’m worth, can’t be determined by my body.

Thinner doesn’t equal happier. If you can’t find joy and acceptance for the body you’re in now, you won’t find it in a smaller body either. If you can’t see that you are enough exactly as you are, you won’t see it in an after photo either.

Real transformation happens within.
Seek unconditional acceptance, seek freedom, seek happiness.
You’re worth it.




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