Journal Happy

A Journaling Project

The pages of your journal are the pages of your life. They more than a space to reflect, plan, strategize, and express – they are the gateway to your intuition, self-awareness, and creativity.

Long before I ever worked with a life coach, or became a coach, I had a journal. And it was in that space that I learned how to look beyond the surface of my life, understand my thoughts and feelings, dream, plan, and tap into my creativity. Keeping a journal got me through tough times and transitions in life, make big changes and helped me conquer countless goals.

But most importantly, it’s in the pages of my journal that I learned who I am.

Be Your Own Life Coach is an invitation for you to do the same. Deepen your self-awareness, build self-acceptance, and live your life from a place of truth and authenticity.

Begin your journaling practice,
Discover what’s within.

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